Etiquette Services for Children, Tweens and Teens

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Pay Now: Four Etiquette Lessons for Children, Tweens and Teens

                   Character Matters   

        3, 4, and 5 year olds- $200 for 4 weekly classes

The preschool and kindergarten age group is a great time to begin teaching manners and dining skills. Young children will quickly absorb and retain life skills through songs and other fun hands-on activities.

Stuffed animals are greeted and welcomed during the sessions, too!

Classes include a healthy snack and drink during class time.

                                                         Manners and More                                                                   Elementary Students-$350 for 4 weekly classes

Elementary students will especially enjoy the food portion* during these lessons.  These sessions will focus on the following child-friendly and important life skills:

  • Table manners that impress
  • Dining Styles with ease, comfort and grace
  • Dress-your-best for the occasion
  • Introductions when meeting and greeting others
  • Appropriate table conversations
  • Writing formal thank-you notes
  • Great overall manners for school, home, restaurants, sports and social activities

*Includes food during classes and an optional formal-dining experience at a local restaurant, for an additional price, per student.

                                                    Moving Beyond Manners                                                       Tweens and Pre-teens- $400 for 4 weekly classes*

Tweens and pre-teens in this group are excited to take on new challenges and learn etiquette skills with one another, especially during a subject that is often viewed as “boring”! They will engage in fun, competitive and active lessons as they refine their dining and social etiquette skills. Top skills taught during these etiquette lessons include:   

  • Proper introductions and greetings with grace
  • Personal appearance that exudes confidence
  • Networking skills with ease
  • Thank-you notes with sincerity
  • Table manners using a variety of dining styles
  • Social media, text, telephone and email etiquette skills that don’t offend
  • Social etiquette skills for school dances, parties, theater events and meet-ups with friends

*An optional fine-dining experience is at an additional price, per student.

                                                       Ready for the World                                                                                           High School Students- $450 for 4 weekly classes*

The lives of high school students are jam-packed, however they will embrace these savvy etiquette classes during the four week session. Lessons will focus on topics that will prepare your teen for their next role in life as a prepared and polished adult. Top skills taught during these etiquette lessons include:

  • Business etiquette skills that focus on social media, emails, texts and telephone skills
  • Appropriate business attire and clothing for social occasions
  • Interviewing skills for college and career opportunities
  • Confidence while networking at a business or social event
  • Formal dining skills that WOW
*An optional fine-dining experience is at an additional price, per student.

Please inquire for special pricing for

Groups and Corporate Lunch & Learns.

Please contact Mrs. Dorlisa Young for more details.