Manners 101 for Back-to-School

Manners 101 for Back-to-School

As our children return to school this fall, please keep the following goals in mind for a successful transition for back-to-school:

easel1. It is polite to shake hands and introduce yourself to the teachers, principal, bus driver, crossing guard and anyone else who will take care of your child during the school day. Make sure you get their names, too!

2. Along the same lines, get to know the other students and their parents, too. You are all in this together for this current school year and perhaps for even longer.

3. Teach your children how to shake hands while looking in the eye at the other person. This builds confidence and self-esteem.

4. Traffic is horrible during this back-to-school time, so leave earlier in order to arrive safely and on time. This also helps you maintain your status as a courteous driver in the eyes of your child. 🙂

backpack5. Let your child, even if she is a preschooler, set the table for each meal. She will learn the correct way to do it after a few times and she will feel like a VIP for being old enough to help you.

6. Please observe proper dress codes of department stores and restaurants at all times. Call and ask the manager if you are in doubt about the proper attire.

7. Teach your preschoolers and young children how to dial 9-1-1 in case of an emergency. My son was able to learn how to do this in just one day, so children definitely can be taught this life-saving step.

8. Please teach your children how to act appropriately at museums, libraries, parks, and other places they may visit this fall.

9. Please remind your child to have good sportsmanship while playing games this fall. This includes everything from shaking hands with players during a championship football game to keeping a game of Scrabble friendly during family game night.

10. Teach your children to enjoy learning, to show respect for their educators, to stay safe and remember to mind your manners each day!



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