A Taste of France in the Delaware Valley

I love macarons, the tiny, multi-color French pastries that literally melt in your mouth. I especially love the strawberry ones and I can’t wait to try the strawberry milkshake ones!

So I am so excited for my friend Pearie Foster and her family for opening up the new Woops! store in the King of Prussia Mall, right outside of Philadelphia.

Just like the gardener of France’s King Louis XIV who coined the phrase etiquette meaning “little signs” to remind his rowdy party-goers to stop messing up his beautiful flowers in his front yard, the macaron is also tied to French royalty because it was created in Italy by the pastry chef of Catherine de Medici at the time of her marriage to her beau who became Henry II, the king of France in 1547.

Whenever I eat one of these delightful treats with the fluffy meringue in the middle, I  imagine that I am one of King Louis XIV invited guests who is lounging but certainly not loitering on the lawn of his palace of Versailles — the birthplace of etiquette!

Check out etiquette classes from me at The Delaware Valley School of Etiquette and macarons from Pearie at the Whoops! store in King of Prussia because both us offer a taste of France within the Delaware Valley! Vive la France!


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