Three Kind Words that Even Preschoolers Can Learn

Please, Thank you, and Excuse Me

How often do you say please, thank you and excuse me during the day? Now, how often do you remind your children to say these kind words? Did you know that children as young as three-years old can be taught manners, and these words should be introduced into their budding vocabularies, along with cat, ball and run? The younger they are when they begin to say these words, the easier it will be for them to say it when they are older and are under even more scrutiny.


Instead of Gimme or Give me, children can just as easily say Please when they ask for something they want. When you use these words in their presence, children are eager to mimic your actions and will follow your lead.

Thank you

When your children are given something, whether it is a gift or a compliment, do they automatically say thank you? If not, continue to remind them and it will become a habit.

Excuse me

My five-year old knows that he is to say excuse me when he needs something if I am on the phone, speaking with someone in person and when he burps. He is even quick to remind me that I am supposed to say you are excused if I miss hearing one of his burps.

Once children use these words as a part of their regular vocabularies, their teachers, family members and other adults will begin to compliment them and you for their wonderful manners. Now wouldn’t that make everyone’s day just a little brighter!


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